Modtech Sponsors Osan AFCEA Chapter Event

Modtech was proud to have served as a sponsor for the Osan AFCEA Chapter event held on August 13 at the Osan Air Base Enlisted Club in Korea. The topic was on the 3D transformation, presented by guest speaker CMSgt Chrisman. 

The Air Force is pivoting communications career fields into a cyber-capabilities based structure with the introduction of the 1D7X1 career field. While the traditional IT service provider roles will still exist, there will be a new concentration on offensive and defensive cyber operations. The goal is to have the right Airman, with the right training, at the right time, on the right mission.

The Osan AFCEA Mustang Chapter participates with and serves a diverse and wide range of agencies on the peninsula of South Korea. Modtech has been actively involved in the Osan AFCEA Chapter for several years and has developed long-standing relationships with its members.

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